New RESNET Portal

 The RESNET team is now leading the purchasing process and implementation of the RESNET Practicum. Orders are no longer placed through this website but completed through your training provider and accessed through the new RESNET Portal. Below you will see some next steps if you arrived on this site and to help get you to the correct place.


New Raters - Are you wanting to become a RATER? You must first find a training provider. They will help you through the entire process of training and taking the online practicum. Please go to this website to find an accredited Energy Rater Training Provider.

Current Raters - Are you looking to recertify? The process is lead by RESNET and your training provider. Please reach out to your chosen training provider. They will provide you access to the recertification simulation and info on steps to complete your recertification.

Already in the test or practicing the simulations? - If you are having any troubles starting or using the simulations please go to this Troubleshooting Site or reach out to simulation tech support at (855) 980-2525 or


Are you about to proctor or currently proctoring a RESNET Simulation and have questions or issues with the simulation? Please to go to this Troubleshooting Site to see answers to known issues or reach out to simulation tech support at (855) 980-2525 or

Training Providers

The new simulation portal is lead by RESNET and can be accessed through this website. All purchasing of the simulation test and student access is completed through the portal. If you are new to this portal there is a webinar below that will walk you through the new updates and how you register and support your students through the process.